Social Responsibility

India Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to corporate social responsibility through our development of our employees and company culture. We strive to create a respectful, diverse, ethical, environmentally sustainable, safe, healthy, and inclusive workplace culture in order to bring out the best in our employees and for our community.

We also seek to develop inspiring and caring leaders by supporting community service and volunteer opportunities for our employees. In addition, we are dedicated to providing the best training and professional development opportunities to our employees in order to promote engagement, retention and performance.

Our India corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are described in the policy available, and additional information can be at NextGen Cares.

David Metcalfe
Chief Technology officer and
Executive Vice President

Chandradip Dass
Managing Director and
Senior Vice President

India CSR Board

Our NextGen Healthcare India CSR board members include the following leaders who are committed to being United for Better. This reflects our vision to make communities vibrant and ensure promising futures for all, within our company and around us—today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

Supporting Our Communities

As a global company, we believe that supporting community and volunteer service
among our employees builds a strong culture and caring leaders. Our corporate social
responsibility projects have included the following:

Creating learning material for Aanganwadi
(Young Child Care Centre) - February 2020

Painting activity at GERIZIM School - February 2019

Fiscal Year 2021

  • Education and nutrition for children
  • Environment – Lake clean up
  • Healthcare – Refurbish Community Health Centre

Fiscal Year 2020

  • Education and nutrition for children
  • Environment – Lake clean up
  • Employee engagement activities

Fiscal Year 2019

  • Education
  • Hygiene
  • Healthcare